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Forever Mom

Mummy Manual

Helen Harcombe was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2002. Before dying at the age of 28, she made sure to leave her husband, Anthony, a set of instructions on how to raise their 7-year-old daugher, Ffion. Her story touched the lives of many; Prince Charles even met with the father and daughter to express his sympathy. The 3-page set of instructions, handwritten on notebook paper, has already helped, according to Anthony. Helen Harcombe was originally from Porth, Wales, and died on December 28, 2004.

The Mummy Manual

Dinner money in envelope every Monday

Check school bag every night for spelling/letters.

Tuck money - PE kit check days - liaise Karen. PE Wednesday Friday.

Uniform bought every Sept - M+S only! tried all others - do not wash or wear - cardi, trousers, tights, socks, skirt, dress + short sleeve shirts (posh pintuck nicest) you should also be able to use the previous yrs if tidy enough if not chuck out - no daughter of mine to look scruffy. Always new school coat in Sept - practical but trendy.

Check hair 4 nits regularly - Tea tree shampoo & conditioner - bath and hair every other night, at least. No child mine to be smelly.

Regular trims on hair - may need extra conditioner or leave in conditioner for knots. Ensure hair is tied back for school - neat parting, no bump. Smooth with tail comb if necessary, ensure fixed with spray & hairspray to keep neat + no straggly bits.

Dress her trendily out of school - bootcut jeans, trendy boots, go to tidy shops not Woolworths or Oxfam! Have a look in catalogues like Next to see what is trendy for little girls.

School shoes from Clarks + get measured in Clarks - once sure of size u can buy elsewhere but school shoes from Clarks - check feet regularly so they do not outgrow and hurt feet.

Xmas always new Pj + slippers + summer light PJs. Bedding should be changed at least once a fortnight more if sweaty or accidents happen.

House polished right through once a week at least. Should vacuum more often especially down stairs. Scrub bathroom at least once a week + kitchen sink - more if necessary.

Regularly bank Fi money either in Bradford & Bingley or Lloyds - she has 2 accounts.

Xmas time, don't forget smaller things like stocking fillers to make it look more + fill the stockings - chocs, bobbles, clips, make-up, joke stuff, fun stuff, girly fun etc.

Make sure serve food with veg/peas - get fruit down her - don't let her live out of cans, noodles + toast etc.

Before long put lock on bathroom door - she will appreciate that as she gets older.

Give her a hand washing obsession B4 food after toilet etc. Flowers to me at least Mother's Day, my birthday, Fi's birthday, our anniversary, Christmas etc but in between would be nice.

Don't just take down my photos, keep them safe for Ffion. Keep her swimming - v important.

Go to parents evenings - all of them - homework. Keep eye out for bullying or problems in school.

Keep in touch with Fi's godparents + my friends especially Mom + Dad or I'll haunt you!

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