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LeAnn Thieman - Nurse the Soul

LeAnn Thieman has been a nurse for thirty years and coauthor of bestseller Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul.

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November/December, 2003

Dear Friends,

Warm winter greetings from Colorado! Welcome back to Sip of Soup, my FREE bi-monthly E-sip offering a taste of insight and lessons to help keep you caring while living a more balanced, happier life. I hope you find these messages to be timely, helpful and I wish you a wonderful holiday season! - LeAnn


A Sip of Soup - November/December, 2003
Higher Positivity Power
I often pontificate (that's a nice word for "nag") that we need to balance our lives physically, mentally and spiritually. To do so means taking as little as 15 minutes a day for meditation, reflection, and/or prayer. If you're like me, though, you struggle with that discipline on an ordinary day, let alone during the holiday season! Yet what better time to relax, breathe and spend time with the Higher Power we believe in?

I've learned that when I think I'm too busy and I skip this spiritual time, the day doesn't go nearly as well -- I'm less productive and joy-filled. But when, if not this season, do we need to be most productive and joy-filled?! Statistics show that 96% of Americans believe in a God. So, no matter your religious persuasion, I "nag" you to make this investment of Spirit-time (and it is an investment with big pay-back!)

Lessons from LeAnn
Let the cookie dough chill another 15 minutes, postpone the planning of the holiday event, let the mail carrier wait another day. Light a candle, play your favorite spiritual music, quietly pray, meditate or read a daily passage and connect with the holiday Spirit.

Soup of the Day - A Healthy Quote
Under the influence of the blessed Spirit, faith produces holiness, and holiness produces faith. Faith in an all-seeing and personal God elevates the soul, purifies the emotions, sustains human dignity, and lends poetry, nobility, and holiness to the commonest state, condition and manner of life.
- Juan Valera (author 1824-1905)


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