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Seminole History

The Seminole Indians are a North American Indian Tribe, with origins coming from Florida, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. They are part of the Creek Confederation, and speak the Muskogee language. They migrated to Florida in the 1700s, after the Spanish had taken over. The Seminoles, meaning "runaways", banded with another group of Indians there, forming what is currently known as the Seminole Indian Tribe. They then would incorporate the Mikasuki language into their Tribe. The British won Florida In 1763, and caused many problems between the Americans and Seminoles. There were a total of three Seminole Wars due to these issues.

After the first Seminole War, Spain had to give Florida to the U.S. After the second war, most of the Seminole Tribe moved to Oklahoma due to the outcome. The third war ended in little bloodshed, but most of the Tribe had moved out to the western part of the U.S. by this time.

The Seminole Tribe survived mainly by fishing and hunting. They built homes made of thatched roofs, which were supported by poles.

The Seminoles of Florida History

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