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George Washington Crossing The Delaware

December 25, 1776

In the deepest, darkest of winter cold, 2400 brave men, led by the young General George Washington, rowed hours across the ice-choked Delaware River in a heavy sleet storm. Exhausted and half-starved, the poorly clothed colonials then marched nine miles through snow and hail. With this brutal winter storm raging, many without shoes walked barefoot, or tied old rags around their feet--still, bloodied footprints in the snowy path marked their trail.

Future U.S. Presidents James Monroe and James Madison, and future U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, as well as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, all crossed the river with Washington that historic night--a night that changed the course of the history of the world.

Their heroic efforts were rewarded, for their surprise attack and victory over the Hessian troops camped at Trenton, New Jersey, is felt to be the psychological turning point of the American Revolution.


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