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If you are a physician, nurse, or other health care provider, and would like to submit a column for publication, please email us here.

Columnists article copyrights remain with the author. Washington Publishers copyright footers on each webpage pertain to our layout and proprietary content only.

Washington Publishers Columnists are entitled to complementary use of our accommodations at Sugar Mountain Banner Elk, North Carolina. See www.YesNC.com Reservations suggested and subject to availability.

Current Columnists

Dr. John Rosemond - Parenting Expert

Dr. Rafael Miguel - Pain Doctor

Dr. LeAnn Thieman - Nurse The Soul

Dr. Karl Hempel - Health Gazette

Dr. Julie Currin - Ped's Corner

Dr. Mark Moore - Ask Dr. Moore

Armin Brott - Mr. Dad

Dr. Arun Gadre - Ask Dr. Arun

Dr Woody Wise - International Expert

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