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Ask Dr Moore

ASK DR.MOORE December 17, 2004

Dr. Mark Moore, best-selling author of the gender selection book Baby Girl or Baby Boy--Choose the Sex of Your Child, answers readers' questions on pregnancy and pediatrics.

A Holiday of Giving

Disillusioned with the commercialization of the holiday season? America is a blessed country and it is not because our children have more than most families of the world attain during an entire lifetime. It is better to give than to receive; let us spread this spirit of giving to our children. An easy way to accomplish this is with an annual tradition that involves them directly. Charity begins at home so this would be a good place to start. Give your time and love to your own family first. Then, plan an evening or a day during the holiday season to give to others. Take your family out into the community. Spend a day as a volunteer for your favorite charity or hospital. Visit a nursing home or assisted living facility and bring a home-cooked meal to someone in need of a little extra cheer. You could even work with the Salvation Army as a bell-ringer or at Goodwill as a sorter. There is so much need--all it takes to see it is to stop and look around you. The hardest part is the first step. Do it now and make this year your first year of a Holiday of Giving. Enjoy the holiday season!

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