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How To Make a Baby Girl or Baby Boy
Choose the Sex of Your Baby

A natural gender selection handbook

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"Baby Girl or Baby Boy" is written by a Doctor and a Nurse and contains the medical knowledge couples want to know on natural gender selection techniques--a "how-to" manual on how to make a baby girl or baby boy. We encourage and support couples to have children no matter which sex or gender. We understand that people have preferences and desire to learn more on the subject of gender selection.

Much of the medical research on gender selection surrounds the difference between the x and y sperm and how they are influenced by variations in timing of ovulation date, positioning and vaginal Ph, as well as dietary factors. This how-to manual walks couples step-by-step to directly apply this medical information on how to conceive the gender of your choice.

It is the opinion of the authors that the internet and the technology age has made more information available to the world, but it has become more confusing. There are websites selling Chinese calendars, strange potions and other questionable methods. Some sites charge you the cost of a book, then send you an email or a one-page flyer instead.

One of the reasons we wrote "Baby Girl or Baby Boy--Choose the Sex of Your Child" was to help couples find the information they want and be able to trust its source--that is, a doctor and a pediatric nurse. Then couples can easily apply these methods because it is written in plain and simple language.

As medical staff for over ten years, Dr. Mark and Lisa Moore have helped thousands of couples learn the ways and methods needed to make a baby girl or baby boy. Now their best-selling book can show you how to do it, too. Washington Publishers receives thousands of visitors every week who desire to learn more about the fascinating topic of gender selection. Our international visitors site accommodates over 50 different countries per month. Because of this, "Baby Girl or Baby Boy--Choose the sex of Your Child" has sold tens of thousands of copies in the United States, Canada and in dozens of countries worldwide on all seven continents.

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Washington Publishers - Baby Girl or Baby Boy

32 pages//Hard cover//2nd Ed.
ISBN 0-9715721-2-7

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How To Make A
A Book On Gender Selection

Henry VIII knew what he wanted when it came to his heirs, but he would have never predicted that 400 years later, people would still seek answers to the question: How Can I Make A Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

Dr. Mark Moore and his wife, Lisa, a pediatric nurse, have seen firsthand a universal desire among patients to have balanced families. Their book on gender selection, Baby Girl or Baby Boy, has been purchased by people around the globe in search of such answers. Now in it’s second printing, it has sold copies in the fifty states,Canada and worldwide in places such as Argentina and Algeria; Nigeria and New Zealand; London and Lithuania; Istanbul and Israel; and Switzerland and Shanghai.

“We spent a large part of our life helping people in our hospital practice, now we’re touching lives thousands of miles away. It’s rewarding to share this knowledge with people from all corners of the globe.”

This book on gender selection would make an ideal gift – purchased by friends, aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents – for holidays, birthdays, engagements, bridal showers and weddings as well as any parent-to-be.

A portion of the profits are donated to women’s and children’s charities.

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