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Baby Girl or Baby Boy

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About the Book

This book describes the natural gender selection methods and techniques used to make it more likely to have either a baby girl or baby boy. It is based on medical research completed primarily in the United States. Odds of success range from 80% up to as high as 96 to 98% under ideal conditions. Our methods are closely aligned with the so-called "shettles methods". Our book details the positions, dietary information, timing of ovulation dates, and environmental ph factors that can influence the x and y sperms.

So many readers have told us that they’ve enjoyed our book because it is written in plain and simple language and is easy to read and understand.

Henry VIII knew what he wanted when it came to his heirs, but he would have never predicted that 400 years later, people would still seek answers to the question: How Can I Make A Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

Dr. Mark Moore and his wife, Lisa, a pediatric nurse, have seen firsthand a universal desire among patients to have balanced families. Their book: Baby Girl or Baby Boy has been purchased by people around the globe in search of such answers. Now in it’s second printing, it has sold copies in the fifty states, Canada and worldwide in places such as Argentina, Nigeria, New Zealand, London, Istanbul, Switzerland and Shanghai.

“We spent a large part of our life helping people in our hospital practice, now we’re touching lives thousands of miles away. It’s rewarding to share this knowledge with people from all corners of the globe.”

This book would make an ideal gift – purchased by friends, aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents – for holidays, birthdays, engagements, bridal showers and weddings as well as any parent-to-be.

A portion of the profits are donated to women’s and children’s charities.

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