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Tara Kompare, Pharm.D
Tara Kompare, Pharm.D is a part-time pharmacist and full-time mother. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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I am a part-time pharmacist and full-time mother, wife, and dog owner. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude and seven and a half months pregnant. Pharmacy was my dream job but my true passion in life was to become a mother and I did just that, twice.

Two weeks after my second daughter, Alaina, was born, I entered a world I never thought imaginable. A world where wills were tested, hair was pulled out, and sex ceased to exist. It was the world of colic. For those parents who have experienced a colicky baby, no further explanation is necessary. For the rest of you, consider yourselves very lucky!

Often times, it isn’t until we experience a traumatic event, such as having a baby with colic, that we discover our true purpose in life. After going to hell and back, I discovered that it was my new mission in life to be an active voice for parents out there suffering in the trenches. I realized how important laughter really was in keeping parents strong and sane. It was my need for humor and new found addiction to writing which prompted me to become "The Medicine Mom" and, well, here I am-alive and kicking.

The challenges of parenthood are numerous and never ending yet it is the most rewarding job in the universe. There are many times I have questioned my ability as a mother and wife. The challenge to be the next June Cleaver still exists in our society today and it is a goal that is truly unattainable. It is when we feel we are less than perfect that we doubt our abilities as parents. Reality check: There are no June Cleavers folks. What you didn’t know about her is that she had an indentured servant locked in the guest room, a live-in nanny, and her famous apple pies were compliments of Sara Lee. So, you are most likely great parents even though you may feel otherwise.

So, on with my mission. My mission is twofold. My first goal is to help parents tackle various children’s health issues from colic and cradle cap to allergies and acne. Secondly, I want to help make parent’s lives a little easier by incorporating humor into the everyday challenges of parenthood. I have found, through my experiences as a pharmacist, and a mother, that often the best medicine is a zerber, a wild juggling act, and a puppet show featuring bozo the clown.

I hope this website will provide you with some helpful advice and a much needed laugh in your life as a parent.

Dr. Tara Kompare, Pharm.D.
(Aka: "Little Mama")

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